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Our philosophy

We take the customer requests sincerely and explore the best possible solutions to their problems from many different points of view based on the knowedge and information accumulated over the years since the establishment. We strive to offer the best results for the customers, even if it may sometimes take a long way to achieve. We believe that this will lead to the trust from the customers and ultimately to the next jobs.


  • Car repair service

    All the mechanics have the working experience at major automobile companies' authorized dealers and own the government certification. We endeavor to offer safety and excellent service to our customers with our knowledge, skills and high-quality facility.

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  • Roadside assistance service

    We support the drivers in trouble in every possible way when they encounter unexpected troubles like failures and accidents. As we are also a rental car business operator, we can also come and help you, and bring a rental car so that you can go on with your trip right off!

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  • Rental car service

    We have various types of cars for our rental service ranging from compact cars to minivans. We procure our rental cars from the used car market and give new life to them with our thorough inspections and maintenance. This makes it possible to provide our service at a low price while ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicles.

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  • Manufacture of moving stalls and agent service for obtaining the pertinent permits

    We offer various types of moving stalls as per customer requests, from modification to the existing vehicles to building new moving stalls. For newly built moving stalls, we ensure to build the best possible vehicles meeting each customer's needs, eliminating unnecessary equipment and annoying people flow, through meetings with the customers at each important milestone. We support you all the way through obtaining permits necessary for the business operation.

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Company Name
KGS Co., Ltd.
Representative Director
Hiroshi Kotakemori
Telephone Number
〒007-0851 7-3-14, Kita51-johigashi, Sapporo Shi Higashi Ku, Hokkaido, 007-0851, Japan
Business Hours
Tuesday/New Year holidays/Golden Week holidays/Obon
Business Content
Car repair service/Vehicle making/Roadside assistance service/Rental car service/Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. Agency