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First-time car rental

  • What will I need to rent and drive a car in Japan?

    Each person who intends to drive a car in Japan is required to carry a valid driver's license issued in Japan, or for those who live outside of Japan, a valid international driver's license and passport, as well as the driver's license issued in the country of residence. All of these are required to be submitted on the day the car is handed over. In addition, your are required to bring your credit card that is valid and usable. Read here for the details of the international driver's license.

  • I don’t know the traffic rules in Japan.

    A panphlet on the traffic rules in Japan is available on our website and in the retal car. Please read it carefully before driving.

  • Can I rent a car with a learner’s driving license?

    We are afraid we are not able to provide our rental car service to a learner's driving license holder. Please also note that a learner's driving license holder is not permitted to drive our rental car that is rented to a permanent driving license holder. In case a learner's driving license holder drives our rental car in lieu of this rule and become involved in car accident(s), our insurance coverage will not be applicable (the person with the leaner's driving license is to bear the full amount).

  • I have the international driver’s license. Can I rent a car on the international driver’s license?

    Yes. Please present one of the documents below along with the passport. 1. International driver's license: International driver's licenses issued as per the Geneva Convention by any country affiliated. (it is not permitted to drive a car in Japan on the international driver's licenses issued as per the Vienna Convention, or by European Union, or other international driver's license) 2. Driver's license issued in your country of residence and its Japanese translation (For individuals with driver’s licenses issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Monaco and Taiwan) *the translation must be prepared by an embassy or similar institution. (it's not permitted to drive a car in Japan on the international driver's licenses issued in the above mentioned 6 countries)

  • Is it possible for more than 1 person to drive the car?

    More than 1 person can drive the car if the information of all the individuals is provided at the time of reservation. *The requirements for driving cars in Japan must be satisfied by all the persons who will be driving.

  • Can an elderly driver rent a car from your company?

    Yes, we have no restrictions based on the age. We provide our rental car service to anyone with a valid driver's license.

  • Can a beginner (less than 1 year since obtaining the permanent driver’s license) rent a car from your company?

    Yes, there is not restriction based on the duration of holding the license. We support all the drivers including the beginners with our comprehensive insurance coverage. Drivers with limited driving experiences are also welcome to rent our cars.

  • Are the roads slipper in Hokkaido in winter?

    Yes, they become very slippery. All of our cars are automatic 4×4 transmission. In the winter time, all the cars are equipped with studless snow tires. Although the cars are well prepared for winter drive, we recommend our customers to drive carefully.

Questions about your reservation

  • Will there be any problems if an indivudual who will not drive the car makes the reservation?

    No, the reservation will be accepted even if the applicant does not drive. However, it is necessary for us to confirm the driver(s) before accepting the reservation.

  • How can I change or cancel my reservation?

    Please contact us through SNS. * In case the cancellation is made 6 days before the service commencement date or later, we will charge the cancellation fee as per our terms and conditions. This is not applicable if the cancellation is made on the same day as the reservation was made.

  • Is it possible to change or add the driver(s)?

    Yes, it is. Please provide us the information on the driver(s).

  • How far in advance can I make the reservation?

    We accept reservations 3 months in advance.

  • Is it possible to rent a car without reservation?

    No, please make the reservation in advance.

  • How long can I rent a car?

    We provide our service from 1 day. But,overseas tourist plan is available at a fixed rate with the minimum service period of 1 week. The maximum service period is 30 days. If you wish to use our service exceeding the maximum service period, you will be requested to make the payment at each renewal.

Questions during rental

  • What do I need to do if the car got damaged?

    If the customer caused for the vehicle to be damaged due to accidents or other causes during the period the car is being rented, the customer is required to pay the non-operation charge (NOC) to compensate for the loss of sale caused by the unoperational period of time for the repair or cleaning of the vehicle. It should be noted that the non-operation charge (NOC) differs from the deductible (to be born by the user) in the insurance policy applied in case of accidents.

  • Is it okay to smoke in the car?

    No, smoking is prohibited in all of our cars.

Questions about picking up/returning a vehicle

  • Please advise the procedure for picking up the car.

    You are required to present the driver's license(s) (of all individuals who will be driving the rented car), and in case of overseas residents, the international driver's license and passport. Your signature will be required on the rental contract before handing over the car. Our staff will give a brief explanation on the vehicle and check the existing damages on the vehicle together with the customer. The car will be available for use once this process is completed.

  • Is it possible to rent a car even if I didn’t bring my driver’s license?

    We are afraid we are not able to provide our rental car if the driver's license is not presented upon departure. Driving without a license is the road traffic act violation. Please ensure to bring the driver's license.

  • What happens if I am late for pick-up?

    Please contact us through SNS. Without proper notice, your reservation will be cancelled after 1 hour. When delayed, there may be cases where we are not able to provide our service.

  • Is there anything I need to keep in mind when returning the car?

    Please make sure you have not left anything in the car. We disclaim any responsibility on items left in the car.

  • Can I change the location and date / time to pick up / return the car?

    Yes, please contact us through SNS in advance. *It may not be possible to make such changes in case we are not notified of the request by the day before the commencement of service.

  • Where can I return the car?

    Please return the car to the location specified at the time of reservation (our office, parking lot in Sapporo city, Chitose city or Chitose Airport), and send us the notification through SNS.

  • Where can I pick up the vehicle?

    Delivery is possible at our company, Chitose Airport, Okadama Airport, Sapporo and hotels in the suburbs of Chitose.

Questions about payments

  • How is the rental fee determined?

    Rental fee is determined based on the model of the vehicle and how long you want to rent the car. If the customer requests for additional equipment, accessories, coverage plan or services, applicable fee(s) will be added to the base price.

  • What do I need to do when I want to extend?

    Please contact us through SNS. We will calculate the additional charge and send you the URL for the additional payment to your smartphone.

Questions about the vehicle/options

  • How is the drive system and shift lever?

    All vehicles are 4WD (AWD), and all transmissions are AT. In winter, all cars are equipped with studless tires. As mentioned above, it is safe, but please drive carefully.

  • Are all cars equipped with GPS navigation systems?

    I'm on. All vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation and ETC. In addition, except for some vehicles, most vehicles also have a back camera.

Questions about the insurance/compensation system

  • Is the insurance coverage applicable to all drivers?

    All drivers are covered if registered with us as the driver at the time of vehicle handover.

  • Are there any cases where the non-operation charge (NOC) is not applicable?

    Yes, there are. In such cases, the customer needs to pay the actual cost. To be precise, the following cases are not covered by NOC. Damage exceeding the limitation of liability as stipulated in our insurance plan; Accidents not reported to the police; Accidents or failures not reported to our company or our automobile insurance company; In case the customer arranged roadside assistance service (not specified by our company) was used; Accidents on which the settlement was reached at the accident site; In case of disclaimer items as stipulated in the insurance terms & conditions as detailed below; 1. driving under the infulence (alcohol) 2. reckless driving 3. driving under the influence (drugs) 4. unauthorized extension of service 5. vehicle driven by driver(s) unauthorized by our company Negligence; 1. breakage of the car equipment 2. robbery while the vehicle being unlocked 3. filling of wrong fuel 4. lost car key 5. smoking inside the vehicle (including electronic cigarette and heated tobacco products) 6. other anti-social behavior 7. excessively dirty inside the car 8. flat tires/tire burst 9. lost wheel cap(s) 10. damage to the front glass due to flying rocks

  • Please tell me about the non-operation charge (NOC) in detail.

    Non-operation charge is the payment made by the customer to compensate for the loss of sale in case the repair or cleaning of the vehicle is neccesitated for reasons such as accidents, robbery, failure and being excessively dirty, not attributable to our company, regardless of the level of damage or required time for repair or cleaning.

Inquiries about lost items

  • Is it okay to leave unneeded things on the car?

    Please take with you all materials other than those originally equipped on the car, including wastes.

  • I left something in the car. Can you ship it to a friend in Japan?

    We can ship by EMS or other services, unless they are items that cannot be shipped by aircraft as regulated by the international treaties.