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Insurance & Compensation

(Collision Damage Waiver)
1,650 yen per day, capped at 23,100 yen per month
(equivalent to the cumulative amount for 14 days)
(Rental car full support package)
2,200 yen per day, capped at 30,800 yen per month
(equivalent to the cumulative amount for 14 days)
(no operation charge)
Not included in CDW, but in RAP

【The following instances will not be covered by the insurance:】

  • Damage exceeding the limitation of liability as stipulated in our insurance plan;
  • Accidents not reported to the police;
  • Accidents or failures not reported to our company or our automobile insurance company;
  • In case the customer arranged roadside assistance service (not specified by our company) was used;
  • Accidents on which the settlement was reached at the accident site;
  • In case of disclaimer items as stipulated in the insurance terms & conditions as detailed below;
    1. driving under the infulence (alcohol)
    2. reckless driving
    3. driving under the influence (drugs)
    4. unauthorized extension of service
    5. vehicle driven by driver(s) unauthorized by our company
    1. breakage of the car equipment
    2. robbery while the vehicle being unlocked
    3. filling of wrong fuel
    4. lost car key
    5. smoking inside the vehicle (including electronic cigarette and heated tobacco products)
    6. other anti-social behavior
    7. excessively dirty inside the car
    8. flat tires/tire burst
    9. lost wheel cap(s)
    10. damage to the front glass due to flying rocks